Where are my Ozarks ?

January 15, 2023 0 By Missouri Mick

The Ozarks are defined in a couple of different ways it seems. Kaitlyn McConnell the Editor in Chief of a lovely web based magazine told me there is the geographical Ozarks which is extensive. However there is a rather more focused area which could be described as a cultural Ozarks. Her magazine “Ozarks Alive” concentrates on the area based on the culture. Have a look at Ozarks Alive here.

I also prefer to use that sort of definition for my Ozarks. South West Missouri and North West Arkansas seems to be a reasonable geographical description. Of course, I am guided in this by towns and places that Max Hunter visited to collect his Ozark folk songs.

I will do a list of all the places he recorded, but of course that doesn’t mean that the list sums up the Ozarks. People will know that any list is just a snapshot of places rather than a comprehensive list of all Ozark places.

In Missouri he recorded people in :
WheatlandReeds SpringParkville
OsceolaRollaWest Plains
AvaPinevilleEldorado Springs
Blue EyeWalnut ShadeForsyth
GoodmanHurleyTurners Station
Kissee MillsFreislaltSeneca