The story of Missouri Mick

I am a retired guy living in the UK. I am trying to fulfill an ambition to learn about music and maybe play an instrument, sing a song or both. I was taken to a local folkclub where they have what are called ‘singarounds’.Typically the ‘members’ sit in a circle someone will lead the session and invite people to sing a song or play a tune usually going round the circle in sequence.

The first time I went when it came to my turn they all looked at me waiting for me to contribute a song. I didn’t know what to do !!! I couldn’t sing, never had, couldn’t play an instrument, never had. My partner who was very accomplished singing and playing smiled at me and the lady next to me said ” You can learn something for next month !” I hastily agreed and that was the hook I have been on ever since.

So I had a month to learn to sing a song.

I pitched up the following month ,heart racing I managed to sing a strangled, tuneless version of Fats Waller’s hit ‘Blueberry Hill’. The lovely people summoned up some applause for my efforts. This went on for a few months in a similar vein, learning songs, singing badly and reading about music. Then eventually I found my salvation courtesy of Missouri State University and Springfield-Greene County Library and Google.

And with salvation came a logo

Yes ,finding The Max Hunter FolkSong Collection online at Missouri State University website was a joy. A whole collection of songs with recordings of pretty normal folk singing while Max recorded them. I fell in love with the Ozarks and have read and learned a little about the culture and history. I find it fascinating.

Ever since I started to sing the songs from Ozark I have become a little better at keeping a tune and have even started to play ( after a fashion ! ) guitar, mountain dulcimer and banjo. Never thought I would.